Your new cutting board should be treated accordingly to allow it adapt to your home or work environment (mainly in terms of moisture).
Apply cutting board conditioner, oil, or wax to the whole surfaces of your board on a monthly basis. We recommend monthly treatment to prevent the wood fibers from drying out.
Apply a thin layer of the conditioner on all surfaces of the board with a dry cloth and allow it to absorb. To obtain gloss of your board, polish it with soft dry cloth.

The best way to clean your cutting board is by applying bio wax after each treatment. Thus, you will not have to wash it through running water.
Use a wet cloth or sponge to remove any remaining grease. Sticky leftovers can be cleaned by using a small amount of mild detergent on a sponge while holding the board under warm running water.

Do not store the cutting board in a hot place – close to direct sunlight or a heat source.
Dry the cutting board carefully before storing in a cupboard.

Never dip the board in hot water.
Never place in a dishwasher.
Never leave the board in areas of concentrated heat.
Never place a hot cookware directly on the board.