Wooden Serving Board Gallery & Uses

Wooden Serving Board Gallery

Wooden Serving Board Uses

Where you can use the Wooden Serving Board:

  • You can use the wooden serving board:
    • in a restaurant, serving with style roasted meat, cheese, vegetables, fruits to your customers.
    • on a home party serving food to your guests. You will amaze your guests with this unique and stylish product.
    • if you are a catering company and you want to bring some style and uniqueness to your overall service.

How you can use the Wooden Serving Board:

  • You can place roasted meat, vegetables, fruits on the Stainless Steel Skewers
  • You can put sauce bowls or directly put sauce in the 2 big holes. Usually we put one can of beer in one of the holes and a sauce bowl in the other hole.
  • You can serve roasted or dried meat and cheese directly on the wooden board. And if you want you can put sauce directly in the holes without bowls. Later you can easily clean the holes with water or wax.
  • You can put beer or soft drink (like Coca Cola or Red Bull) cans in the 2 holes. If you put 2 cans you can serve a meal for 2 people or you can serve it for 1 person, if he is thirsty.
  • On the flat side of the wooden board you can cut and chop different food like meat, cheese, vegetables and fruits. So you can use the board as wooden chopping board (wooden cutting board).

Using our 3in1 Waterproof Wooden Serving Board will not only bring style and uniqueness to your home and restaurant but it will also give you flexibility and usefulness using the extra features and accessories of the board.

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