Wooden Serving Board Accessories

Incredible product to make gourmet dining attractive for your guests.

Here is the list of RegalCook’s Wooden Serving Board Accessories:

  • 2 Stainless Steel Skewers with Wooden Handles, so you can serve roasted meat, vegetables and fruits on them.
  • 2 Knife Holders for your favorite chef knifes, so you can easily bring the wooden board with your knifes outside the kitchen.
  • 2 Holes for Sauce and Bowls, so you can serve everything you need on your board.
  • Deep Juice Grooves – No need to worry about juices running off the board and onto your countertop when serving, cooking and cutting up fruits, vegetables, and meats.

Below you can view some of our use cases for the wooden serving board. For a full list of cases and our image gallery please go here.

How you can use the Wooden Serving Board Accessories:

  • You can place roasted meat, vegetables, fruits on the Skewers
  • You can put sauce bowls or directly put sauce in the 2 big holes. Usually we put one can of beer in one of the holes and a sauce bowl in the other hole.
  • The deep juicy grooves are designed to help you stop the juice running off the board when you move the board or even when it is standing still on the table.
  • The 2 knife holes are created to help you bring your knifes with you wherever you go. For example if you decide to serve meat on the board outside the kitchen you will place 1 or 2 knifes inside the knife holes. Then you can carry the meat and the knifes with you. When you reach the table where you will place the wooden board you can pull out the knifes and start cutting the meat in front of your guests or your clients (if you use the wooden serving board in a restaurant).
  • The 2 undercut handles will help you easily carry the board without dropping it.

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